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Coordenation of Maritime Missions

  • Easy to use
  • Advanced surveillance
  • Grater effectiveness of patrol missions
Xsealence - SeaPatrol

Monitoring, control and surveillance

SeaPatrol is an application used by authorities on board patrol vessels and/or aircraft to create an online connection with the Control Center, offering the possibility to exchange important information between what is happening in the field and what is analyzed in the Control Center scenarios.

It also enables the reception of automatic data from several external equipments in order to increase easy of use and efficiency::

  • Radar: Automatic identification of targets;
  • GPS: Automatic reception of targets that are inside a radius.

It also allows for data queries, like:

  • Vessels’ last positions;
  • Vessels’ tracks;
  • Access to vessels’ data;
  • Access to skipper and captain data;
  • Access to vessels’ catch reports;
  • Access to infractions records.


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