The innovative system for tracking and monitoring the fishing activities of the Portuguese company specializing in technologies for the sea, was officially inaugurated in São Tomé on the 11th of December, with the presence of the Minister of Economy and International Cooperation of São Tomé and Príncipe, by the Director of Fisheries, by the EU Ambassador to the region and by the Ambassador of Portugal.Inauguração Seasight São Tomé e Principe

Xsealence has inaugurated the new Control and Surveillance Center for Fishing activities in São Tomé and Príncipe, in which it has installed its SeaSight™ system, which aims to ensure the protection of the country’s marine resources and monitor the activity of vessels via satellite. operate in its territorial waters. The inauguration was attended by the country’s authorities as well as representatives of the European Union and Portugal.

Xsealence’s technology, with a presence in several countries, was chosen as the best solution in the international competition promoted by the Ministry of Economy and International Cooperation of the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe, through its Fisheries Department, which resulted in the supply of Satellite Monitoring solution for Fishing Activities in that country. To guarantee the best support conditions for the installed systems, Xsealence established a local presence through a partnership with a Sao Tome company specializing in information technologies, communications and electronics.

Among the Xsealence systems installed in São Tomé, the Seasight™ system (which includes the renowned Monicap™ vessel monitoring equipment) stands out. This system, world pioneer and case study in the European Union, took its first steps in 1988, and is a solution for monitoring and controlling fishing activities that resulted from a solid partnership with the Portuguese Fisheries Authorities, where the system is installed since 1992. This partnership is still maintained today aiming not only technological and functional improvements, but also the legal frameworks for the application of this type of tools.

Seasight™ includes a unit on board ships (Monicap™ equipment), where information about the vessel is stored (including movement and location data, extracted from the GPS and EGNOS system) and which communicates via satellite (or other mobile communication means) with an Inspection and Control Center normally installed in the entities responsible for the inspection and sustainable management of the fishing activity. The Center has a powerful set of information processing and distribution tools, including database systems, geographic information systems and advanced computer communications systems. The tools include, in particular, solutions for inspectors, for the management of maritime missions and for the management of fishing activity and effort (electronic fishing diaries).

The solutions offered by Xsealence will enable São Tomé and Príncipe authorities to combat illegal fishing and devastation and preserve resources, regulate, control and improve fisheries surveillance, while increasing the safety of fishermen in line with the objective to follow, the regulation of the European Union in the control and monitoring of fishing activities.

This is another case of Xsealence’s internationalization in the implementation of solutions for an area in which the company has a vast history of achievements and where it is at the forefront of technology worldwide.

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Inauguração Seasight São Tomé e Príncipe

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Inauguração Seasight São Tomé e Príncipe

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Inauguração Seasight São Tomé e Príncipe