Xsealence will equip a first section of the Portuguese fishing fleet with the state-of-the-art MONICAP M4X fisheries management system with satellite tracking and communications.

Xsealence, one of the main global technology and consulting companies in this sector and one of the world’s leading companies in technologies for the sea, has signed a contract with the DGRMDirectorate-General for Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services of Portugal, which will guarantee the continuity of the control and inspection of the fishing activities of the national fleet at a global level.

Xsealence reinforces and expands its position as a key supplier of one of the most advanced in the world technological systems for the surveillance of fishing activities.

Xsealence has totally developed and produced the new Monicap M4X equipment, based on the experience of more than 30 years in the development of this type of technology, since the supply of the first version of the worldwide pioneering Monicap project in 1992.

Among the main advantages pointed out by DGRM for the choice are the reduction of communication costs of these new equipments, as they allow automatic selection of the most economical communication type and the compression of transmitted data, as well as the increased security, by sending real-time communications, the highly accurate location and the possibility of tracking the vessel in case of need.

Monicap M4X allows for an intelligent location of vessels, with programmable information behavior configurations by area, automatic switching of the reporting frequency and detail of the information transmitted according to location, which represents a benefit in the inspection of fishing activities.

Monicap M4X also ensures the transmission of the fishing logs filled on board to the authorities responsible for the inspection and management of fishing quotas, thus ensuring the availability in digital format and in real time of critical information on the fishing activity, namely the species caught, the quantities and the locations of capture. These being fundamental data for the sustainable management of fishing activity.

The equipment ensures the confidentiality of the information by encrypting the transmitted data.

The first phase of this new supply is expected to be completed in 2022, and expansion to the entire Portuguese fishing fleet is expected over the next few years.