Blue Week - Blue Business ForumXsealence presented their latest technical innovations at Blue Week’s Blue Business Forum

The international launch of Xsealence’s new solutions for marine command, control and monitoring took place at Blue Week international congress, in Lisbon between the 4th and 6th of June of 2015.
An international leader in the development of VMS – Vessel Monitoring Systems and MCS for marine monitoring and control, Xsealence presented to representatives of invited countries their latest developments in Portuguese technology deployed around the world.

Among Xsealence’s various solutions is Monicap, a solution which includes remote monitoring units for communicating with centralised or distributed command centres (such as on board ships or aircraft), via terrestrial or satellite communications systems, together with other applications in the fields of ERS – such as electronic fishing records, coordination of marine missions, MCS monitoring, control and surveillance and systems for the integrated monitoring of fishing and marine reconnaissance.

Xsealence’s solutions empower the relevant authorities to combat illegal fishing, avoid exhaustion of natural resources, regulate, control and improve policing of fishing activities, while at the same time improving the safety of fishing vessel crews and providing them with tools to allow them to more easily comply with requirements for reporting catch quantities.

Xsealence’s participation at Blue Week’s Blue Business Forum aimed to increase awareness of their solutions developed over the last 20 years in collaboration with Portuguese universities and R&D centres, with a view to increasing their market share across the EMEA region, Latin America and Portuguese speaking countries.