The Directorate-General for Natural Resources, Security and Maritime Services (DGRM) started the pilot project to test a new generation of IT equipment on board Portuguese vessels, in order to modernize the fleet and prepare it for the new challenges of activities in the sea.

The pilot project includes the installation and testing in a real environment of 5 different prototypes of on-board equipment, which are intended to test new capacities and technologies within the scope of the Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) and the Electronic Fishing Diary in the fishing fleet, with transmission multichannel data: the VHF Data Exchange System VHF (VDES), communications via satellite, via mobile network and even via wifi.

This test pilot will have the participation of 5 vessels (one for each prototype), which were selected for their area of activity and the gear used, as the aim is to have the greatest range of experience in use in the various activity segments. All state-of-the-art equipment is different from each other, given that it is intended to test different types of usability and ergonomics by the Masters of the vessels and their crews. In the coming months, it is also planned to be a rotation of the prototypes so that everyone can test the differences and thus express their opinion on the user experience.

By carrying out this action, which counts on the invaluable collaboration of the fishing community, the DGRM intends to obtain the best results in defining the requirements of the future fishing control system, duly adapted to those who use it most and who depend on it for the its economic activity.

This action is the continuation of an activity that DGRM developed in the past, the DPE+ embedded application, which intended to facilitate the declaration of data related to the fishing activity by users, which was also in use in some fishing vessels, and which is again in use in the current test pilot, including a mobile version. These activities are in line with the DGRM plan for the modernization and innovation of control systems for maritime activities, namely in the Fisheries sector.