The Yaounde Architecture Regional Information System (YARIS) will empower the maritime community of the Gulf of Guinea Interregional Network (GoGIN) to improve control and surveillance of activities in the Gulf of Guinea sea and coastal areas.

The international tender was awarded to the consortium integrated by Xsealence, Zertive and Splendid Advice, for having strong competencies in MCS solutions for monitoring, control and surveillance in the sea and coastal areas and for the strong research and development capacity demonstrated in the numerous projects developed in the most 20 years of activity in this sector

Security issues in the Gulf of Guinea have been gaining momentum due to the significant increase in incidents of piracy, bunkering, drug trafficking, human trafficking, immigration and illegal fishing.

In this context, the European Union has been promoting and financing different projects within the Critical Maritime Routes program, which includes the GoGin project, which aims to increase maritime safety in the Gulf of Guinea with the ultimate objective of promoting the training of authorities regional and national level.

The technical solution allows all operational centers and organizations belonging to the Yaoundé Architecture to compile, analyze and exchange relevant information in an integrated manner through a portal that allows users to access all applications, features and modules.

The Yaounde Architecture Regional Information System (YARIS) comprises 19 countries in the Gulf of Guinea, 27 control centers, with an average of 15 operators, 10 national control centers per country, with an average of 10 operators per center, which makes a total of more than 3500 system operators.

In terms of supply, the MAS – Maritime Situational Awareness system stands out for its importance to inspect and manage the area. The system is based on a web application that allows the creation and exchange of maritime information between different Control Centers and between different users through an integration with a system of collaborative instant messaging, with all the activity carried out archived through a system of recording events considered relevant from an administrative or legal point of view.

The portal also has historical data analysis applications, structured and unstructured data monitoring and supervision applications, integration and analysis of AIS / RADAR data.

The system provided by the consortium that integrates Xsealence will allow the authorities of the countries of the Gulf of Guinea with competencies in the inspection of fishing activity as well as in the surveillance and maritime control, to monitor illegal activities in an integrated manner. Upon completion of the GoGIN Project, YARIS will continue to support maritime activities in the Gulf of Guinea in the same way as during the project.